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Born  - 28th September 1947


1972-73  G.D Art in painting  Sir J.J Scool Of Art Mumbai
1973-74  Post Diploma in Art master  Sir J.J School of art Mumbai             
Trainig record  1972 to 1975 Training in Print –making  sir J.J School of Art Mumbai


One Man show: 1996,97,98,2001,2006.
Group Show-Print- Making -1972 to 2010 Mumbai, Nagpur, Lucknow, Udaipur, Bangalore, Delhi
Group show – Painting-  Goa, Karnataka, Nagpur, Lucknow ,Udaipur, Bangalore,  Delhi.
2012- Gallery G and Ruchika Art Gallery organised Group Show.
2011-Father and Daughter exhibition of painting Kala Academy Goa.
2008-2012 –Carnival of Colours exhibition of paintings Organised by Ruchika Art Gallery.


1976, 78, 80, 82, 84, 1995    Goa State Art Exhibition.
1990 -2nd State Wood Art Exhibition, Goa
1979 and 81 Academy of Fine Art Amritsar
1981 Bombay Art Society, Mumbai
1992 W.W.F. For India
1993Gidhad Gatha Kala Academy, Goa
1995 Lalit Kala Academy New-Delhi
2006 Goa State Award Dept.Art And Culture Govt of Goa
2009 “SammanPatra” For Dedication In Feild of Art From Tarun Bharat  On Silver Jublee year
2010- Veteran Artist Honoured by AIFACS.


1987-PRINT-MAKING-West Zone Cultural Centre
1990-2001PAINTING –All India Fine Art And Crafts New-Delhi
1995-2002-Artist National Camp Lalit Kala Academy New-Delhi
2006-Artist  Camp Ruchika  Art Gallery Goa.
2008-2010 National Camp Lalit Kala Academi
2011- Goa International centre
2011- Fine Art Gallery Mumbai (Goa).

Sadguru Chedvankar

Art Work By
Sadguru Chedvankar


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