How do I assess the condition of the artwork in case I am interested in buying one?
We at Gallery 3C understand that you might be sceptical to purchase art online given that:
  • Often, what you see online is not what you ultimately get.
  • The current state of the art (damages, yellowing, restored work etc.) cannot usually be discerned while making an online purchase.
  • The provenance of the work is usually not given.

We saw a problem; we came up with a solution. To make your online purchase experience a memorable and unhindered one we now offer the following services:
For buyers based in Mumbai-
  • If you are based in Mumbai you can visit our registered office to view the artwork before the purchase.
  • Alternatively we can send the art to your venue for approval; (subject to location within Mumbai)
For Buyers outside Mumbai-
  • We can send you Hi-Resolution Images of the artwork (back & front) taken in natural light conditions. These will be freshly taken after the request date.
  • Hi-Resolution video of the artwork.
  • Provenance and/or authenticity certificate of the work. For almost all works on our website the authenticity certificate has been issued by the artist.
  • A condition report of the artwork if artwork needs restoration or needs to be restored or has any damages.
You can thus be rest assured that you will be well aware and in full knowledge of the condition of the artwork that you buy without having to see it physically.