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Suman Roy, the son of the legendary painter Suhas Roy was brought up in Santiniketan, West Bengal. Living in a surrounding that exuded joy and simplicity he was trained almost automatically under a philosophy of simplicity. His early works, especially during the final years at Kala Bhawan reflected various moods of nature.

After leaving Santiniketan and moving to Kolkata he started working on themes where human presence was predominant. Single human beings-mainly males made him introspect. His mission became to reach out to the viewer and bought realization to the fact that contemporary art movement in India was not integrated. His style is simple as he confident that the so called technical jugglery does not lead the viewer to any point of contentment.

He was well-known for his Christ series. He passed away in 2012 at age of 44.

Suman Roy

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Suman Roy


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