Sell Your Art

  • Email us your artwork:
  • Our team reviews it for approval
  • We will contact you
  • Once we agree in the process we will display your artwork


 Why sell with Gallery 3C?

Selling through G3C is easy, and listing works is free if they’re not sold. We have a comprehensive database of collectors and dealers worldwide, with whom we work on a regular basis.

 How much commission do you charge on sales?

There are no joining or listing fees for selling on G3C – we take our commission on sales realized through the website. Commission is fixed on amount which is mutually agreeable. Galleries, please contact us for more info about sales commission.

 What info do you need?

  • consigner full name, address and phone number
  • artist name, artwork title, year, unique work/edition, medium, size
  • certificate of authenticity and/or original invoice
  • provenance of the artwork
  • condition of the artwork
  • clear image(s) (500kb is good for email)
  • asking price you have in mind

After approval, we will need a perfect, larger size digital image of the artwork alongwith the original artwork which we will keep under our possession till the work is displayed on Gallery 3C website.

 How do you select the artworks?

We are only interested in offering works that are of a quality commensurate with our affiliates and market position. Consequently we do filter out works offered, but this does not preclude particular periods, styles or subjects. We reserve the right to accept or reject applicants at our absolute discretion.

 How do you determine the price of an artwork?

The price of a work of art is determined by G3C and the owner together, according to several criteria. It depends in what medium it was produced (oil, sculpture, print), its size, how well-known the artist is, their rating at the moment of the sale, the quality and the interest of the work in the context of the artist's practice. We take pride in our ability to fairly and accurately price art.

 What art can I sell?

In order to maintain our promise of being a destination for authentic and original art, only original artworks or numbered and signed limited edition prints will be accepted on G3C.

 How will you market my artwork(s)?

We promote our artworks in a number of ways. We manage a large online advertising campaign and we do a lot of search engine optimization. We have a thriving email list of 25,000 subscribers of collectors and galleries worldwide, and we do a monthly newsletter, in which we may include your artwork(s).

 If I consign an artwork, do I have to exclusively hold it for Gallery 3C?

Yes, you will be locked in till the period you have agreed on with Gallery 3C. Hence, we ask you to not publish the artwork in another venue.

 How long will my artwork be online?

We keep the work online till it is sold, or till the time frame as agreed on. In either case the artwork can be withdrawn provided it is not sold within 2 working days.

 Who ships the sold artwork?

In most cases, we ship the artwork. In some cases, the buyer might opt to pick up the artwork in person. !!

 Who pays for shipping?

The buyer pays for shipping, handling and import duties.

 I don’t want my artwork published on your website.

As an alternative to listing your work on our website, we offer prospective sellers the option to sell through our Private Sale service. If you are seeking discretion and less exposure, then a Private Sale may be more suited to your needs. G3C has many clients who are also inclined to purchase this way, and so we can broker a sale sometimes quite quickly. !!!

 Do you partner with other art galleries?

Even for seasoned professionals, selling artwork and maximizing the price achieved is a very difficult project. With our worldwide contacts, we have a huge network of potential buyers. We are an ideal partner for galleries looking to reach an engaged and growing online audience of collectors, curators and art market influencers. Our e-newsletter and social media promotion, and our search engine optimization techniques deliver year-round visibility for the artists and artworks of our partner galleries.